History of Krkonoše Mountains meadows

Krkonoše Mountains was covered by coniferous and mixed forests after last Ice Age. Only the highest parts of Krkonoše Mts. was primary forestless. The humans have intervened to natural development of Krkonoše nature for 8 centuries.

When the people become, because of metalurgy period, in 12th century the transformation of nature started.
During the mining period in 15th and 16th century started first drastic actions, meaning deforestation of mountain and foothill parts of Krkonoše Mts. Timber harvesting has shifted to Orlické Mts. after deforestation of Krkonoše Mts. People who stayed here, started to care about forestless. This was a beginning of huts farming on high parts of Krkokonše Mts. This lasted until the 19th century.

Huts farming has given to rise species-rich meadows with huge species diversity.
The new fenomen, called tourism, was established at the end of 19th century. The farming began more intense, but still extensive.

After the second world war lots of owners of huts were displaced and meadows were stopped being managed.

Some of the meadows became extinct and overgrew of forest. Some became at terrible condition.

The aim of Project LIFE Corcontica is improving management on Krkonoše meadows.

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