Course of scything


On Saturday, June 14th 2014, an intensive one-day training course for scything "Jak Krakonoš učil Kubu kosit" took place under the leadership of an experienced instructor.

Several traditional scything enthusiasts showed up and learned to tell a good scythe from a bad one, find a good field to scythe, how to adjust the mowing tool to their height; they also learned a little about proper grinders and their girth – and overall, the mood was great! Highlight of the day was then the actual evening scything of a meadow behind the Vrchlabí castle.

The “Evening with a scythe" public event found its audience, even if it was not numerous. What the attendants lacked in numbers, they made up in interest and enthusiasm.

However, a scything course was not the end of our showcase of traditional farming – the mowed grass needs to be dried, raked, turned over, stacked and finally the hay needs to be transported to be used as feed.