Excursions to explore the project


For our colleagues of the KRNAP administration, Daphne and MŽP, we prepared and excursion to learn about the project, its activities and people who’ve participated on it…

There were 6 stands built at Lahrové Boudy with examples and presentations of the partial activities.

In the beginning, we talked about some interesting numbers and relationships within the project – from the drafting of the request, approval from the EU until the end implementation.

At the second stand, the work group led by Ondřej Eminger showed us what it’s like to work on-site. Specifically, they talked about cleaning meadows from stones and waste material (branches, old ballast), cleaning streams and getting rid of invasive plant life.

The third stand, manned by Luboš Jiřiště, informed us about the natural succession (development of meadows which can turn into a forest if not properly manages). We also talked about deals with landowners and the necessity to involve contractors in some works, since our work groups cannot always do all the work.

The fourth stop gave us some insight into degradation of meadows and their current not-so-favorable state. Standa Březina also showed us how he monitors vegetation and performs experiments and research

The meeting with Petra Malinska was especially enlightening; she told us all about beginning of pasture in mountains and gave us a quick demonstration of how to move fences and how to herd sheep.

Leader of the project, Záboj Hrázský, greeted us at the last post and showed us some of the mountain machinery such as a mower that can operate in mountainous terrain and also explained the basics of vegetation monitoring.