2014 The second season of work behind us

Within the LIFE CORCONTICA project, we have finished the second season of works supporting the meadows of Krkonoše and
we gradually finish the individual activities, the main goal of which is met.

From the activity A1, we have completed
29 management plans for 29 priority meadow enclaves (plans of farming).

When completing activities C (C1, C2, C3),
we continue on from the previously set up system of last year. The care is gradually extended on other enclaves. From the 2nd announcement that was published in autumn 2013, we have been able to sign contracts for another 18 priority enclaves of Krkonoše.

Activities took place on 330 hectares of lands. The meadows were pastured by 1875 pieces of livestock (1831 sheeps, 6 goats, 32 cows, 6 horses and 2 geese ). Mowing, whether manual or using machinery was performed on 77 hectares of meadows.

Other activities completing the mosaic
of care include spring harrowing, mowing of ungrazed lands, raking and leaving unmown bands in the meadows. Many times, the unmown bands look inappropriately in the otherwise mown meadows. However, they are important for insects and other invertebrates, on which other animals and even the plants themselves are dependent. Thus we can support the cycle of nature, not only the meadow itself.

The diversification of management (in other words various types of works in various time axes) can be seen in the areas of Lahrové Boudy and Zadní Rennerovky. After many years, care in the Severka enclave has been restored. It is an area, where most of the meadow has been overgrown by small trees.

Activity of the working group that continues in its fight against invasive plants (activity C2) is an integral part of the care for meadows.
Measures against alpine sorrel were
performed on area of approximately 12 ha (including repeated treatments – mostly two times). Meadows in the location of Friesové Boudy were harmed most seriously, therefore the interventions were repeated several times during the season. Seeding trees were cut
out mostly in our biggest enclave – Sklenářovice. Other cutting took place in Medvědí Boudy, Velké Tippeltové Boudy and other locations, together over 6 hectares.

This season has managed to restore water regime due
to unclog 4.5 kilometer trench. 4.5 tons of stones (activity
C3) were collected from the meadows. Thanks to these interventions, farmers can extend mowing and grazing
on individual enclaves.

In addition to discussing economic care and activities working group on the enclaves, we focused discussions
on proposals for measures with other farmers (activity
A3), who farms on the territory of the national park.
This is an existing farms, for example. Near Velká Úpa
or Rokytnice. Agreed care is about 150 hectares of farms.

One of the investment activity was the building of a shelter
for animals in the location called Brádlerovy Boudy.

We continue the care on two locations with gentianella
population (activity C6). This care may have paid off already
this year by an increased number of flowering plants in Horní Albeřice.
This season, the bullhead was not forgotten, and interventions were planned in creeks of Albeřice and Bolkov, so that the population of bullhead can prosper. The planned work has already started.

We continue to collect data for monitoring habitats and species at selected 29 priority enclaves and farms, and do not forget the monitoring of bullhead (activity D).

In the course of your project and its various activities in four could read articles or hear at four in the TV reports and interview for Czech Radio Hradec Kralove.

We informed the colleagues from the area
of nature conservation about the
experiences with the project at seminars throughout the country and even abroad.
We visited LIFE+ projects in Poland,
Sweden, Ireland, where we introduced
our project and have gained valuable experience and ideas for working
with us.

This year we also managed to prepare new wooden information panels that bring individual actions in the meadows and their significance. The panels will be installed on the 2015 season, six of selected attractive tourist spots in the mountains.

We also started to create a new edition of postcards from enclaves of Krkonoše.


Our project sheep stood
near our meadow enclaves again this year informing about the activities of the project.
In 2014, there was an additional sign informing about the bands of land
used for the invertebrates.



The most important action of late summer was creating the Progress report – a report about the progress of project activities send to the European Commission.