Tour de Corcontica

Datum: 20.10.2017
Kategorie: Aktuality
We have released a new publication about the meadows called Tour the Corcontica - the path to blooming meadows.

We have recently published a publication (Opera Corcontica in the Krkonoše Mountains) fort experts called Tour de Corcontica, or a tour of the flowery meadows of the Giant Mountains.
In this publication, in 14 articles you will learn a little about the history of the Giant Mountains meadows until the arrival of the project, the effort to protect the nature of the conceptual approach and how to achieve it, the anchoring on the national as well as the European level, why it is important and how monitoring and many other conservation issues and practices necessary to achieve the living, flowering meadows.

An example of the article is:

"Deciding and setting priorities in nature conservation" or
"Monitoring of Invertebrates in the National Park of Krkonoše: Current Situation and Perspectives"

Here you can see the cover of the publication and the publication can be downloaded here.

We wish you a pleasant count.