The Giant mountains farm trails

The Giant mountains farm trails were created in an effort to connect three important phenomena of life in the Krkonoše - rare Krkonoše meadows, farmers who care about them, visitors (turists) of the Giant Mountains. Many local farmers produce their own products, such as cheeses, yoghurts or sausages that come from these mountain meadows. Others offer accommodation on the farm or have a restaurant with a kitchen of its own ingredients. It is possible to combine the use of these services and the purchase of products with a trip. On the trip visitors will learn about the importance of the meadows they go through and thanks to them these services are provided.

They are named after the distinctive meadow species that visitors can see - arnica (Arnica montana), orchid (for example Dactylorhiza majalis), gentian (Gentiana asclepiadea, Gentianella praecox) and nardus (Nardus stricta).